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Seniors Can Maintain Their Beautiful Smiles!

June 26, 2023

Doesn’t it seem unfair that our primary teeth start to fall out by the time we’re a mere 7 years old…and we spend the rest of our lives with the same set of permanent teeth? That means we must take meticulous care of them for the next 87 or so years. But “things happen.” This tooth chips, that tooth needs a root canal, or another tooth gets damaged in some other way. But fear not! A prosthodontist can keep your choppers looking and feeling spectacular! 

At the office of Carolina Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry, our skilled professionals are experts at treating patients of all ages. We provide all of our patients with treatments needed to maintain excellent oral health. Your care and comfort are our top priorities. 

Due to natural wear and tear, older adults should monitor these dental issues. 

Tooth decay

Even toddlers can get cavities, but seniors are particularly at risk because decades of use weakens tooth enamel, which promotes cavities. 

Gum disease

At the same time, gum recession leaves root surfaces vulnerable to decay. Left untreated, the decay infects the tissues and bones that encircle the teeth. It starts as gingivitis (swollen, red or bleeding gums) and progresses to periodontitis (receded gums and worn away bone). Still left untreated, teeth might loosen or fall out. About 66 percent of adults who are 65 and older have gum disease. And here’s a disturbing statistic: 34 percent of Americans 65 and older have lost six or more teeth to gum disease and tooth decay. You don’t want to be among that 34 percent. 

Dry mouth

Reduced saliva production, specific medications or certain persistent conditions can lead to dry mouth, which ups the risk of cavities. Talk to a prosthodontist about ways to replenish moisture in your mouth. If you’re taking one or more meds that parch your mouth, ask your physician for lower dosages or different versions that won’t dry up your saliva. 

Oral cancer

It’s always more treatable when found in its early stages, before it’s had a chance to grow and metastasize. Pain isn’t a common early symptom, so regular oral checkups are crucial.

Learn about oral health issues as you age, and talk to a prosthodontist about how to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Carolina Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry provides premium care. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us today for an appointment. We look forward to finding out how we can help you.

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