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Could You Have Enamel Dysplasia?

August 28, 2023

You probably already know the important role enamel plays in the health of your teeth. But just in case you need a reminder, it protects the innermost layers of your tooth—the cementum (a system of collagenous connective tissue fibers that connect the root of a tooth to its socket), dentin (it supports the enamel) and pulp (the jelly-like center of each tooth that contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue)—from damage. Despite its strength and durability, your mouth’s bacteria, plaque and acids can harm enamel. If it doesn’t grow correctly, you could have enamel dysplasia, which alters the enamel’s normal levels. That’s when a prosthodontist can help. 

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Enamel dysplasia is likely the result of one of two conditions: hypoplasia, which is the abnormality of the tooth’s enamel, or when enamel hasn’t hardened correctly. Look for these five signs of enamel dysplasia. 

  1. The enamel in your back teeth’s natural grooves and hollows have pits and fissures. If the enamel is too thin to begin with, those pits and fissures grow deeper. As time passes, the bacteria and plaque that accumulate produce acids that erode the already-thin enamel. 
  2. Because the enamel that covers your teeth is thin, it looks somewhat transparent. Over time, the surface of the teeth of adults can become thinner for several natural reasons, but youngsters with weak enamel are more prone to have some degree of dysplasia.
  3. The enamel is yellow, brown, black or a flat white, and there may be some corrosion on the outer sides of the teeth.
  4. Thin enamel begets hypersensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages. Even a stiff winter wind when your mouth is open can cause a reaction.
  5. The development of cavities and other dental issues. 

Indications of enamel dysplasia should be brought to the attention of a prosthodontist. His (or her) care will help alleviate its effects. 

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