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A Prosthodontist Beautifies Teeth!

April 29, 2024

This dental specialist has deep knowledge of and expertise in how the appearance and restoration of teeth can be greatly improved. While a prosthodontist’s talents are many, much of his (or her) time is focused on cosmetic procedures that give his patients pride in their smiles. 

From the first visit to follow-up appointments, our patients’ needs come first at the office of Carolina Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry. We are at the forefront of dental skills and use the latest diagnostic and treatment technology.

These are the most common procedures and how they solve problems.

Composite Bonding

Decayed and damaged teeth are repaired with a plastic called composite resin that matches the color of a patient’s enamel. He puts the mixture on the surface of the tooth, shapes it to correspond with the surrounding teeth and hardens it using a high-intensity light.


These custom-made caps that cover your natural teeth are made of medical-grade ceramic. They’re attached to the front of a tooth using dental adhesive. They look amazingly natural and can resolve many cosmetic issues, such as damaged enamel, cracks, misalignments or gaps.  


The prosthodontist uses a bleaching agent or a laser to remove stubborn surface stains and/or brighten the enamel’s original shade. 


These modern miracles permanently replace damaged or lost teeth. The prosthodontist screws an implant into the jaw. When the bone and supporting tissue fuse to the implant, it signals that they’re permanently secured into place. Your general dentist then tops it off with a crown that matches your other teeth. 

Inlays + Onlays

Also called indirect fillings, they support a tooth with mild or moderate decay or not enough structure to sustain a filling. When the cusp or a more significant portion of the tooth is damaged, the orthodontist may use an onlay to cover the tooth’s whole surface. They strengthen teeth, restore their shape, and avoid any further decay or deterioration. A dental lab makes inlays and onlays from a composite of porcelain or ceramic substance, and they’re attached to the teeth with a dental adhesive. 

The team at the office of Carolina Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry is made up of friendly, highly trained specialists who are eager to help you feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving the best care. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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